LA Jackson

Location Nashville, TN
  • The Berger Company
  • MarketStreet Enterprises
  • AJ Capital Partners
  • The Besh Group
year 2016
Category Bar
  • Interior Design
  • Surface Travel Awards, Finalist, Bar, 2017
Photographer Andrea Behrens

"A destination to stay and play, Thompson Nashville has put an emphasis on original and inventive F&B spaces, including a 200-cover rooftop bar and restaurant, L.A. Jackson."
-Supper (Issue 7)

LA Jackson - 01_LAJackson-9829 LA Jackson - 02_03w LA Jackson - 02_LAJacksonSpace-8584-(1) LA Jackson - 03_LAJacksonSpace-8561-(1) LA Jackson - 04_LAJacksonSpace-8571-(1) LA Jackson - 05_06w LA Jackson - 05_LAJackson-Space-4463-(1) LA Jackson - 06_LAJackson-Space-4486-(1) LA Jackson - 07_LA_Jackson_Full-3 LA Jackson - 08_LA_Jackson_Full-9 LA Jackson - 09_LA_Jackson_Full-10 LA Jackson - 10_11w LA Jackson - 10_LAJacksonSpace-8611 LA Jackson - 11_LAJackson-9806 LA Jackson - 12_LAJacksonSpace-8565-(1) LA Jackson - 13_LAJacksonSpace-8588
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