Ward 3

Location New York, NY
  • Public House Collective
year 2015
Category Bar
  • Custom Lightning
  • Custom Furniture
Photographer Paul Wagtouicz

"Ward III was founded in 2009 by journeymen bartenders who took their individual ideas of what makes a bar good and combined them to make something great. Charged with the task of creating custom furniture and lighting for this neighborhood mainstay, the approach was to embrace those ideals and help redesign, not redefine, that which is at the heart of Ward III."

Ward 3 - 01_WARDIII_interior_bar_Wagtouicz_03---Copy Ward 3 - 03_WARDIII_chandelier_Wagtouicz_07 Ward 3 - 00_WARDIII_interior_bar_Wagtouicz_03---Copy Ward 3 - 06_05w Ward 3 - 06_WARDIII_stool_Wagtouicz_02 Ward 3 - 05_WARDIII_lamp_Wagtouicz_04 Ward 3 - 04_07w Ward 3 - 04_WARD_III_Parts_and_Labor_stools_Wagtouicz_05 Ward 3 - 07_WARDIII_sconce_Wagtouicz_03 Ward 3 - 08_WARDIII_lamp_Wagtouicz_01
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