Location New York, NY
  • Jodi Richard
year 2012
Category Restaurant
  • Interior Design
  • Travel and Leisure, Honorable Mention Best Restaurant Design
  • Hospitality Design, Finalist Best Restaurant Design
  • Architectural Digest 10 Most Beautifully Designed Restaurants
Photographer Michael Weber

"The details are then something to be discovered through the experience itself, revealing an undeniable connection between the design and the food."
-Travel + Leisure Design Awards, 2013 'Honorable Mention'

"One of New York’s most rewarding bastions of fine dining...a compelling, ultra-refined naturalism."
-Eater NY, Sept 2014

Atera - 01_02w Atera - 01_ATERA_06 Atera - 02_ATERA_08_detail Atera - 03_DINING_COMMUNAL-02_300dpi Atera - 04_DINING_COUNTER-01_300dpi Atera - 05_DINING_COUNTER-02_300dpi Atera - 06_LIBRARY_PDR-01_300dpi Atera - 07_11w Atera - 07_LIBRARY_PDR-02_300dpi Atera - 11_LOUNGE-03_DETAIL_300dpi Atera - 09_LOUNGE-01_300dpi Atera - 10_LOUNGE-02_300dpi Atera - 12_13w Atera - 12_LOUNGE_BAR-CART-01_300dpi Atera - 13_LOUNGE_BAR-CART-02_300dpi Atera - 14_LOUNGE_BAR-CART-03_300dpi
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