The Elm

Location Brooklyn, NY
  • Chelsea Hotel Group
year 2013
Category Restaurant
  • Interior Design
  • Esquire Magazine, runner up best restaurant
Photographer Michael Weber

"The minimalist and natural architectural palette set the tone with its raw concrete and end-grain wood floors, steel and glass partitions creating a backdrop for the design elements that live within."

The Elm - 01 The Elm - 02 The Elm - 03 The Elm - 04 The Elm - ELM_05_06w The Elm - 05_DSCF2236-1 The Elm - 06_TheElm_1728 The Elm - ELM_07_TheElm_1675 The Elm - ELM_08_DSCF2254-1 The Elm - ELM_09_16w The Elm - 09_DSCF2245-1 The Elm - 10_TheElm_1612 The Elm - ELM_11_18w The Elm - 11_TheElm-1578 The Elm - 12_DSCF2442-1 The Elm - ELM_13_DSCF2388-1 The Elm - ELM_14_001 The Elm - ELM_15_S0321076-1 The Elm - ELM_16_TheElm_1620 The Elm - ELM_18_TheElm-1558
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